The Royal Touch

For many years, the Royal Flower Shoppe has been providing discriminating clients options for very personalized events.

We have evolved from being simple cut-flower suppliers to becoming expert event stylists providing the following services:

  • table centerpieces and tablescapes
  • thematic backdrops
  • ceiling fabric swags
  • lanterns and tablecloths
  • inputs on lighting and feasible floor layout.


  • MODERN ROMANTIC - an all-white ensemble of white flowers, crystals and bead accents.
  • WHIMSICAL - an into-the-woods recreation complete with driftwoods teeming with flickering votive candle lights and suspended floral swings.
  • ENCHANTING - a couple's backdrop of rice lights over layers and layers of copper organza, georgette and chiffon fabrics.
  • ZEN - a study on textures through the use of moss, river stones, twigs, glass and rose cacti.
  • TROPICAL CELEBRATION - entrance arrangements of bananas formed into towers.
  • ASIAN - welcoming guests with bamboo arch suspended with scented jasmine and capiz shells.
  • MORROCAN - a vision of maharajah tent with floor carpets and cushions.